Carnival of Retirement – First Edition

The first edition of the Carnival of Retirement was hosted by Corey at Passive Income to Retire. Click to see the entire edition of the carnival.

Here are the Editor’s Picks:

  •  Retirebyforty from Retire By 40 published Consider Co-housing for Retirement, saying, ‘Co-Housing is a planned community with the goal of creating a great neighborhood with a lot of social interaction. There are no staffs and residents have the option to spend a lot of time together in the great common area. This would be great for retirement because of the built in social interaction.’
  • “Ashley from Money Talks Coaching published Sending a Little Extra to Retirement, saying, ‘My husband and I found ourselves in the fortunate position to get rid of our $70 a month cell phone bill. To me, the financial nerd, the most exciting part of that is the fact that we can actually get rid of a bill. You don’t get that chance very often. So we have decided to put that $70 a month into our Roth IRAs.’”
  • LaTisha from Financial Success for Young Adults published How to Designate a Beneficiary, saying, ‘Have you taken the time to choose who will receive the balance of your retirement accounts when you pass? Setting a beneficiary can help the process of transferring go much more smoothly.’
  • Peter from Bible Money Matters published Top 10 Ways to Catch Up on Retirement, saying, ‘Life is full of important milestones. From an early age, we start to anticipate these major shifts and how our lives will change. . Perhaps the biggest shift is into retirement. It is prudent to prepare yourself, both emotionally and financially for this switch. As dull as it may seem now, you’ll be glad to make the preparations you did.’
  • Andy from My Retirement Blog published Credit Cards and Retirement Planning, saying, ‘With the holiday season upon us many people are running up debt putting their holiday purchases on their credit cards. Running up credit card debt could be hazardous to your retirement plans. If you’re struggling to decide whether to contribute funds to your retirement or pay down your credit card debt, I have some advice.’


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