Carnival of Retirement – 9th Edition

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Carnival of Retirement. See the Full Edition at Sense to Save.

Here are the editor’s picks from this week’s edition:

J.P. from Novel Investor published An Under-Invested America: Is Conservative The New Norm?, saying, ‘Nobody has gotten rich earning less than 1% on their money. Yet eight times more money has been put into savings accounts than into stock and bond funds, since the market crash of ’08.’

Corey from Steadfast Finances published Future Tax Policy and Why You Don’t Want a Roth IRA, saying, ‘Are you investing in a Roth IRA without considering the future tax policies. Future taxes on your roth ira could limit your investment return.’

Dividend Ninja from The Dividend Ninja published When Issuing A Dividend Can Be Dangerous , saying, ‘A dividend can actually be a huge red flag depending on where the company gets the money for it. If you know what to look for, a company paying or increasing its dividend is not always a good sign. How does your favorite dividend paying company get the money for those annual or quarterly payments?’

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