Carnival of Retirement – 5th Edition

Welcome to the 5th Edition of the Carnival of Retirement. See the full edition at Financial Success for Young Adults.

Retirement can seem like a daunting thing to prepare for. After you start planning out your own retirement, I guarantee it will seem easier. Here are a few of the great reads featured in this edition of the carnival of retirement.

Kris from Simple Island Living published retirement savings during unemployment.

MMD from MyMoneyDesign published Retiring on the One-Million Dollar Myth, saying, ‘Is retiring on one-million dollars just a myth, or could you really do it? Let’s explore how that would work.’

PITR from Passive Income To Retire published Early Retirement, saying, ‘In preparation for early retirement, what are you doing? Find out what I am doing to prepare for early retirement.’

Peter from Bible Money matters published 401k Rollover to IRA: What to Do with Your Retirement Account when Leaving Your Old Job, saying, ‘When you’re leaving a job, you have several different options of what to do when it comes to your 401(k).’

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