Carnival of Retirement – 4th Edition

Welcome to the 4th Edition of the Carnival of Retirement. See the full edition at Retire By 40.

Retirement is a long term game. There are so many things you need to do to prepare for retirement and it’s not just saving and investing. Of course having a great retirement portfolio is best, but to get there we need live within our means and build wealth along the way. This edition includes many direct retirement posts along with posts that will help us get there.  Enjoy these great posts from around the internet!


Todd Tresidder from Financial Mentor published Are Safe Withdrawal Rates Really Safe?, saying, ‘In this epic 8000 word post Todd fully reveals the controversy surrounding safe withdrawal rates and the mythical 4% rule and concludes with a simple 4 step process you can use to determine your personal safe withdrawal rate that is actually… safe.’

Dr. Dean from The Millionaire Nurse published A Million Bucks? In My 401K? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin’!, saying, ‘The failure of the 401K Retirement Plan has nothing to do with the plan. No, it doesn’t take a stock guru or magician to use the plan effectively. Participation. That’s all it takes. No rocket science required.’

Don from Money Smart Guides published Live A Life of Wealth, saying, ‘If I were to ask you to describe what being wealthy means to you, how would you answer? A young me late teenager would have answered that question as follows: Wealthy to me is a huge house with an outdoor pool, but now I see wealth differently.’

Mr. Money from Smart on Money published Working in Retirement: Make Money Doing Things You Enjoy, saying, ‘Retirement doesn’t have to mean sitting on your front porch, waiting for the grandkids to show up (unless you want to mean that, of course). You can still do something you love — and possibly make money at it.’

Jon the Saver from Free Money Wisdom published Roth 401k Versus 401k: What Is Right for Me?, saying, ‘The Roth 401k is a great choice for almost everyone. Let’s get into the details before you make any hasty decisions!’

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