Carnival Of Retirement – 2nd Edition

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of the Carnival of Retirement. See the full edition at Retire By 40.

Thank you everyone for submitting your posts to the Carnival of Retirement. Sorry I didn’t include every submission, but I would like to highlight posts related to retirement and long term saving/investing. Have a great time reading these article and don’t forget to work on your retirement plan this year.


Andy from My Retirement Blog published Retirement Planning Requires Action, saying, ‘If you are starting to think about your own retirement, you are on the right path. You have taken the first step towards achieving that dream retirement. You may need to spend some time writing down your goals and/or expectations for retirement, but asking the questions is where everyone begins. Yet, just thinking about retirement’

PITR from Passive Income To Retire published Is it Possible to Retire on Rental Properties?, saying, ‘Not only is it possible to retire on real estate, there are many benefits that you need to take advantage of.’

Jeffrey from Saving Advice published Retirement Planning: consider Your Time as Well as Your Money, saying, ‘The biggest problem in retirememnt is what to do with your time. Most of us can’t wait to quit working, but once we quit, what do we do? We say we want to travel, spend time with family, play golf, or just sit on the porch, but after a lifetime of work is that enough? ‘
SB from One Cent at a Time published When is the Right Time to Retire, saying, ‘Depending on your age and saving situation you might ponder on taking early retirement. When we work, we postpone many good things for post retirement life hence, it’s important that you thoroughly plan your retirement to decide on when to start retired life and start engaging in activities you cherish most.’

Evan from My Journey to Millions published Why the Hell Are There New Active Public Pension Plan Participants?, saying, ‘Why in the hell are new public employees still able to join State backed defined benefit pension plans?’

Mr. Money from Smart on Money published Double Check Your Employer’s Retirement Plan, saying, ‘When you work for an employer, you might have access to benefits, including a retirement plan. Your company’s retirement plan — usually a 401(k) — can be a way to help you build your nest egg through the power of investing and compound interest. However, you want to double check to make sure that your employer’s retirement plan is what you want to be devoting your resources to.’

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